Personal Monitoring Device

Dosimeters or what is widely known as personal radiation monitoring devices are badges that are worn by an employee who works with ionizing radiation, to check the amount of radiation these employees are exposed to. These dosimetry badges are used to dectect any exposure caused by gamma radiation, x-ray examinations, and beta or neutron particles. These dosimeters should be worn always be an employee in a span of two to three months. In this way, a measurement can be found with the accumulated dose of radiation from various causes. This is usually done by an employee from a dosimetry service company. Many of these companies today imposes certain responsibilities on company employers or owners to monitor and record every personnel that are exposed to radiation given that they are involved in a work where ionizing radiation is involved. Also, these employees who are regularly exposed with radiation due to their work, should be provided with an approved and proper PMD every time they use radioactive materials and other substance that emits radiation. And when these employees already have a proper PMD, they are legislated to wear personal monitoring dosimeters or dosimetry badge every time they are at work.

Employers on the other hand should make sure that all employees who are working with ionizing radiation are provided with dosimetry badges. They should not let this important thing pass because exposure to radiation can be a very dangerous thing. These dosimeters can measure and accurately identify the dose of radiation exposure from the person who’s wearing it. After that, the employer should then monitor and do some safety measures to ensure the health and the safety of the employee while at work or even just inside the workplace. The employer should always keep in track with his or her employee’s health. For additional information, people who are occupationally exposed with radioactive substance are those who work in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, industrial radiography, and equine veterinary radiography. People who do scientific research inside laboratories that has a high-level of radioactive substance and there is no safety gear that is used. People who work in interventional or diagnostic radiology are most likely to be exposed, thus, the need to undergo a regular dosimetry monitoring.

Also, it’s not only the employer who takes responsibility with radiation exposure to his or her employees. The employees should also take part with these responsibilities in order prevent themselves from taking any health risk. They should be responsible enough to wear the dosimetry monitoring device at all times to ensure that the tracking of radiation dose is accurate and can be responded with the right action. Wearing a dosimetry badge is a mandate to all employee, thus, they can be fined for removing it while still under work. Lastly, when a personal monitoring device is issued in a particular employee, it should be accompanied with a control badge to detect any radiation exposure acquired outside the workplace. Control badges only measure radiation outside the workplace, thus, making an accurate measurement of the radiation dosage inside the workplace.

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