Hiring an Individual Cleaner vs. a Cleaning Company

There are some great reasons to select a cleaning company over an individual home cleaner. If someone is out sick, would your house still get cleaned? Is your home insured against damage or theft? Does the cleaning company you have hired have contractors or workers? Are you ready to be a boss? 

Cleaning Company 

Here is a simple guide for selecting the proper house cleaner to fit your preferences.  

Are You Going to be the Employer of the House Cleaner? 

You might be needed to pay and withhold their Medicare taxes, Social Security, and Federal Income if they define that you are the boss of the cleaner.  

It sounds good, right? You employ a person who would charge lesser than a company and all you need to do is give cleaning supplies and products for the cleaner to utilize. However, the answer is maybe. The IRS might need you to provide Publication 926 for Employment Verification and Household Employees form I-9. 

Who Pays for House Cleaning Mistakes? For short, Liability. 

It is a great idea to employ an expert cleaning service. A residential cleaning company has the equipment needed to do a good job. Also, they have knowledge on what they are doing.  

Consider what will happen if something is stolen or broken? Does the company got you covered? What if the individual goes on vacation or is sick on the scheduled day? Would your home still get cleaned? 

Questions to Ask About the House Cleaner 

Ask if the cleaners are contractors or workers before you employ a house cleaning service. In case something is stolen or broken at your home, the cleaning service you employ does not need to supply liability insurance if they’re contractors. Also, in almost each case, they cannot even make sure how the duty is done, only the end product.  

They must supply their own products and supplies, business license, and with any luck, they are also bonded or licensed if the cleaner is a contractor. Make sure you have the time to confirm the credentials before you hire them. This will give you security whenever something will happen.  

Benefits of an Expert Cleaner 

You are more probably to have a cleaning schedule set, even if the cleaner is sick, when you hire expert house cleaning services. The company also supplies all the required cleaning products, instead of the person cleaning your house or yourself.  

Security for You and the House Cleaner 

The company that provides the service must have liability insurance, a bond to cover any damage or theft, and must be licensed.  

A cleaner is W-2 worker. This provides them advantages. It also gives them protection if they are injured on the project. The company must also do all the work such as training, background checks, and much more.  

This selection offers the most security for you, your house, and the cleaner.  

Hiring cleaning services must make your life simpler. Finding a cleaning service near me must not take a lot of time.   


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The Characteristics You’ll Find in the Best Cleaning Companies

Our carpets are one of our favorite furnishing in our home. Carpets make us comfortable, and they give us that feeling of luxury. Carpets also serve as a protective cushion against accidental falls or slips, this especially important if we have kids at home. Having a carpet at home though also entails a responsibility to take care of it. 

Our main responsibility as owners of carpets is to clean it; this is easy, but there are times, however, that we are too busy in our work or we have important family affairs. In these times, our carpets are left alone, and someone needs to clean it. This is where carpet cleaning companies come in; their services is to do the job for us.  

If you are heading into that busy schedule or that long awaited get-away, better hire a carpet cleaning company now. To help you, here is a list of characteristics you’ll find in the best carpet cleaning companies. 

Cleaning Companies

1. Licensed

In looking for a carpet cleaning company, this is the first and primary characteristic you should look for. A licensed company means that they are operating legally and safely, which means that you are not dealing with shady people. A license also means that the workers in the company have undergone seminars and they have passed standardized tests for performance and conduct. 

2. Good Reputation

Another characteristic of the best carpet cleaning companies is good reputation, a good name. This reputation is not just created out of thin air; it is a testament as to their quality of work.  

One of the methods you can do to find out their reputation is to use the internet. Go to their website or go to forums and read about customer reviews and their ratings. If you prefer traditional ways, you can do the method of referencing, and ask about a list of their past customers. Call or meet up with these customers and ask about the performance of this company and their attitude on carrying their jobs. 

3. Updated and functioning equipment

Carpet cleaning services can only be as good as their cleaning equipment, that is why you should select the best, the one that has updated and functioning equipment. Having these updated equipment is not only for fancy, having these equipment means that the owner invested in his company and is dedicated to making it better. A company that also has well-functioning equipment means that they can do the job efficiently and with less time, no malfunctioning in the middle of the job, no excuses and delays. 

4. Good Cleaning Products

There are many carpet cleaning companies out there, but many of them are not great, simply because of the quality of their cleaning products. Many of them try to save on expenses and only uses detergents for cleaning. Using detergents on the carpet is very tricky, because it needs enough water to get it off the carpet, and this moisture is often the cause of damages to our carpets. Additionally, if the detergents are not completely wiped off the carpet, dust will easily cling to your carpets because of its sticky property. 

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